Mommy and me: Skirts Done by DonNaturaL

As a designer there is no better joy than doing what I love and customers loving what I do.  Culminating my desires with an innate ability is my definition of PASSION

Remember the Mom and Me skirts that were in progress on a previous post?  You asked for the finished product and here it is.

Skirts in Progress from a previous WordPress post.

Perfect drape, neat hem and pockets.


And look at this little princess. She posed for the camera because she felt amazing matching her mommy.


Play time couldn’t be more perfect with her skirt Done by DonNaturaL.


She loved it. I loved it. My customers inspire me.


Ruffle hem made this the perfect touch. This was achieved with the right settings on my Brother 1034D serger.


Mommy and Me. This is the most precious picture of these two beautiful ladies. This picture gave me goose bumps.

Let your talent be your fruit

Making a skirt with this African wax fabric for a client.   

Quote of the Day

Dinner is served

clean eating 


Zipper stash 

I want to master invisible zippers. 


NaturaL Hair: loc or nah?

Repo under construction:

Clutch Done!

I was inspired to make a clutch because everyone I see is a tad small for my curvy frame. 

I desired a bigger pencil case clutch and achieved this practice one using faux leather from Joanne’s. 

This was my inspiration

And here is my finished result