Wild: inside and out

As a designer I was taught by my sewing mentor that when you find a pattern that fits you well it can be altered to any other garment.

I adopted her philosophy with her favorite pattern. What a fail! That was the pattern that worked for her. When I came across This Mcalls Pattern I now know what she meant.  

I absolutely found my pattern. With some minor alterations at the hip line , some grading down at the top and trueing I’ve found my GOTO pattern. 

To date I have made a weeks worth and I haven’t stopped…. Check out the latest 

The fabric was the wrong side of this black scuba knit  found here and  this animal print , pointe knit of similar weight found here all from Hancocks. I’m telling you this fabric is of high quality and feels AMAZING with a lush soft hand. 

Oh my, how great this fabric sews. I’m a fan and it’s perfect for autumn winter garments. 

Take a look

I just the wrong side of this fabric for a more matte look. 

This is the wrong side that’s perfectly matte for work. 

I love drafting : marking pens, pins, rulers….


Here is the animal print 

Basically make the sleeve, cut if off, then reattach with a top stitch. If you don’t hand a steady hand there are pressor feet for that. 

I’m obsessed with matching lines of hems and such…

I altered this pattern by adding long sleeves and an elastic cuff. Beside it’s cold at work. 

Neck band are better with practice. Tip if you think it’s too long before you attach , it probably is. 

The hem is perfect as well with a banded cuff and yes a top stitch. Lol. 

I plan to make so many more. I think this is the best yet. 
What do you think?  Please comment and share. Thank you for reading. 


3 thoughts on “Wild: inside and out

    • Words can’t express the sentiment I felt in this post. Not only did you read it but taking the time to comment was truly heartfelt. Not many people get it , but the Patience, Love and talent is exactly how I felt. Today everyone at work couldn’t believe what a wonderful job I did on “Wild”. My goal is to someday call my designs couture. Thanks @atkonosplace

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      • That dress is couture! I really try to give my time to others. If you know me you would know how insanely busy I really am, but carving out moments to read is something I try and do. I wish more people would carve out moments. Have a beautiful day and week ahead!!!!

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