Wrap dress: tribal if it wants to be

I made this wrap dress although I’m still perfecting the fit. I decreased the shoulder by one inch. I still think it needs another 1 inch reduction. But this was much better. 


The fabric I got from JoAnns.  It reminded me of a tribal print but it really wasn’t. Lol.  I think it was a little bright so I dared to wear the wrong side. Also, I mixed it up a little by using the bright side for the arms and the belt. It was barely noticeable. And I love it. 

Have you experimented with fabric wearing the right or wrong side? Or, have you done any other fabric manipulation…please share. 

I used the bodice of this butterick 5030  pattern. 

I self drafted the wrapped bottom. I like how the drape turned out. 

I was going to leave out the belt and use one of my own. However I needed the belt to close the dress. Lol

So now I have options!!!!!!!
Oh guess what I used a Grommet Kit to make the hole for the belt and it worked out  great. 


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