I love Elephants: NO CIRCUS FOR ME

Well CIRQUE DU SOLEIL is fine!

This morning I watched the HBO documentary: An Apology To Elephants. It literally made me sick. No I’m not a member of PETA, yet Elephants have always held a special place in my heart. To me elephants were synonymous to Africa. They are huge yet quiet and regal. They are extremely smart and have a humanistic virtue of mourning.

Elephants mourning: extraordinary


The only way to train an elephant is to, first, break them down mentally. They are removed from their mothers early.


This is the hook that trainers/beast use to control elephants. They are poked or stabbed into submission.


Elephants are not meant to be tied to ropes for 19 hours a day. They are meant to roam.

Michael Cotterman

Check out Performing Animal Welfare Society


From the age of infancy until adulthood this type of treatment would make any captive wild savage.


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