PDF Patterns: yes you can!

Pdf patterns seem to be a daunting task especially for the novice sewer.

I’ve been sewing for 1 year now and here’s my opinion:

Pros: instant gratification you don’t have to wait for mail order patterns or drive to a store to find they don’t have what you need .

Pros: you only print out the item you need. Most packaged patterns include several articles in one envelope.

Cons: yes you have to tape the pieces together

Cons: the instructions are supper simple and may not be inclusive enough for a beginner.

How to get started:

Shop a Blog of your choice here’s mine


Psssst: they even have some free pdf downloads to get you started.

Select your pattern


Print , cut and tape together





Outline before cutting though. I use a black Sharpe.


I found these storing methods on the web




I store my pdf patterns like this. I’ve even hung the completed patterns in a small closet.


I use these hangers, they work like a charm



So get started. Try PDF patterns and let me know what you think? Post your projects and please leave a comment.

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