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Not much but I’m moving. I did the Happy Dance.

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Sewing Tip: My first Upcycle

I had recently experienced a sewing slump. In my effort to make custom pants, sad to say, I failed TODAY! But I’m closer than I was yesterday.

I took a break to do laundry and discovered a dress that no longer interested me that I picked up from Goodwill.

In the style below but Black Floral


Then it hit me. Why don’t I try to make something new! Although, this is all the buzz within the DIY world I had never upcycled a garment before.

I thought it would be a bit extreme to take it back to Goodwill. Can you really recycle a recycle????????


So here is my first attempt


I took the dress and cut out the elastic waist band. This was super simple


OMG there was so much more fabric to work with than I had imagined. I started thinking about all the other garments I could find at the GoodW Boutique.

Note: while shopping for garments to up cycling always buy elastic or items that gather. There will be so much fabric to uncover in a garment of this type.


This will save so much money. Fabric is getting expensive.



Okay back to the Upcycle

After all the fabric was revealed I took out my self drafted skirt block pattern. I’ve used this pattern time and time again.


I gathered a 9″ black zipper

( I put zippers in everything) for real

I just purchased an assortment of zippers from VOGUE FABRICS

You should really pick these up!


and the mayhem began


What I produced was beautiful. A self drafted pencil skirt.


I even added pockets


What do you think of:
Saving money on fabric ?

Shopping at Goodwill ?

Projects to up cycle ?

I’d love to hear from you.


Oh I almost forgot to mention I still have the top of the dress to redesign. This is going to be a fun, new and economical skill to add to my sewing library.


PDF Patterns: yes you can!

Pdf patterns seem to be a daunting task especially for the novice sewer.

I’ve been sewing for 1 year now and here’s my opinion:

Pros: instant gratification you don’t have to wait for mail order patterns or drive to a store to find they don’t have what you need .

Pros: you only print out the item you need. Most packaged patterns include several articles in one envelope.

Cons: yes you have to tape the pieces together

Cons: the instructions are supper simple and may not be inclusive enough for a beginner.

How to get started:

Shop a Blog of your choice here’s mine


Psssst: they even have some free pdf downloads to get you started.

Select your pattern


Print , cut and tape together





Outline before cutting though. I use a black Sharpe.


I found these storing methods on the web




I store my pdf patterns like this. I’ve even hung the completed patterns in a small closet.


I use these hangers, they work like a charm



So get started. Try PDF patterns and let me know what you think? Post your projects and please leave a comment.

Cozy night gowns:

Cozy night gowns make perfect Christmas gifts. The only problem is forgetting to make one for yourself. Lol.

I used this pattern:


The above is Butterick 5963 view D

It was repeated here


And here


And here


And here (my favorite)


Was this pattern easy to use?

Were the instructions easy to understand?

Would you use this pattern again?
Yes, I could even see using this pattern for dresses or skirts.


“1 Hour Maxi Dress” that took more than 1 Hour


I refuse to get obsessed about how long something takes to make.  Just kidding! I really wish I can continue to develop as a sewer/seamstress/designer and decrease my sew time.  Actually, what I find is that I CAN in deed sew timely, but the finishes take forever: Does this make me COUTURE?  ←video


The dress below was inspired by my sewing Mentor Beaute Jadore and you can be INSPIRED TOO by following the linked tutorial.  I made a slight alteration by color blocking a black band at the bottom of the dress. Also, I added a two seamed panel in the front of the dress.

The dress below was paired with a blazer from Coldwater Creek ( compliments of Goodwill) for work. lol

Worn with a Blazer for Work

The blazer was removed and now Im ready for play.  Sort of!


FYI , because this was my first time making this dress…

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Do you Craftsy: I do

Any class you have ever wanted to take is now $19.99. IMG_4937.JPG




Don’t throw away your scraps!

Don’t throw away your scraps. Better yet buy just a tad more fabric so that you can make something with the left over.

Every time I plan a new outfit I always buy a 1/2 to 1 yard more.

Remember this coat I made:

I made a skirt as well:


I included a zipper:



With my latest projects I try to add a new feature. I added a lining:



Oh and guess what? I used the blind hem foot for the first time it was supper easy:


And look at my hem: perfection ….


Please leave a comment and let me know what you think

Burda Style : PDF

Coming up next an inspiration from my sewing mentor to think outside the box.

I am attempting to construct a PDF pattern.

Sew a PDF pattern

And do some alterations to the pattern.


stay tuned for the final piece with alterations.