DonNaturaL’s Kimono Tutorial……..

Thank you for logging in and taking the time to view this tutorial.  Hopefully you will be inspired to sew and grow with me!

Let’s get started with the tutorial………………KIMONO

Note: I usually like to draw and  journal in this book ( not really sketching, but journalling).       IMG_4245


Step 1: Lay out your fabric

                              IMG_4244                IMG_4248

Note: I pay particular attention to squaring off my fabric.  I line up the angles with the selvage edges and then trim off excess before I start cutting my commercial or self-drafted pattern pieces.


Step 2: Cut out back piece the desire length x width.




Note: I cut mine to the width (shoulder to shoulder) of my back.  I’ll tell you why I made an alteration later……….

Note: This should be a rectangle.



Step 3: Measure out how wide you’d like the front of the kimono. And then cut in 2 equal parts.


Note: I make the front two pieces equal. I cut the length a few inches shorter because I wanted asymmetric finish.

Note: You should have two rectangles.


Step 4: Cut out the sleeves.



Note: I cut two pieces in the desire width. I think a square shape works best for this kimono.

Note: You do not need to cut on a fold.  I started these on a fold, but I cut them later while setting in the sleeves. It just made matching the seams easier and neater.

Note: You should have two squares.


Step 5: You should have 5 self-drafted pattern pieces.  But note the horrific fray. hmmm can you guess what the next step is????????


                                                                      YOU GUESSED IT!

Step 6: Serge all your pieces.  No it didn’t take that long, but this was necessary.


Step 7: Lay out your pattern pieces…..I know I know……Where did the red fabric come from?

I discovered that my measurements were too exact.  I didn’t want the kimono to fit like a shirt.  So I added some coordinated panels of fabric.




Note: I made the front two added panels more narrow than the back two fabric panels.  

Note: A Kimono is intended to be oversized, I wanted mine to be just right for me.

Note: Sew the panels together or serge together. I used my sewing machine I had enough of the serger at this point.



Alteration Step: Draw equal lines on the right side of the back panel with tailors chalk.  And fold/pin/iron pleats.  

                                 IMG_4255     IMG_4256

Note: This is only optional, but it gave the kimono a nice rear contour.


Another Alteration Step: I top stitched the pleats with a nice embroidery stitch.  



Note: I loved the way this turned out.  But remember you can skip these alteration steps altogether.


Step 8: Lay out the front and back of the kimono, right sides together and sew together at the top edge (shoulders).  I know you see pins for the sides minus enough room for the arm holes, but I later took the pins out.  Set in the sleeves starting at the shoulder seam matching it with a serged edge of the sleeve.

IMG_4262   IMG_4263IMG_4265

Note: Now you can sew the sleeve and side closed with one seam.  

Note: Be careful here, there will be a sharp 90 degree angles at the axilla (underarm).  Hey, I did it and so can you!!!!


Step 9: I curved the neck just a little bit using my French Curve.


Note: This felt more comfortable on my neck rather than having a straight edge.


Look how approximated the sleave and side is.  Yay!!!  #winning  lol




Note: See the perfect 90 degree angle above. 

Note: I am obsessed with laying out pattern pieces perfectly your garment will lay better on your body.  


Step 10: Attach a zipper. I used Stitch Witchery to hold the zipper in place before  sewing.  



Note: Be creative  leave the Kimono open without a zipper.

Note: Add fringe or a belt, I saw this Red Zipper on my notions self and had to incorporate it in the design.


Step 11: EnjoyIMG_4295IMG_4294 IMG_4292 IMG_4289 IMG_4288 IMG_4287                     

                          Hey tell me what you think of the tutorial.  


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