DonNaturaL’s Ankara Maxi Skirt Tutorial…..

I am so glad you simply asked, ” How did you do it?”  Well, here it is.  I have always admired the beautiful prints of dutch wax ankara fabric.  And here was my first attempt. The next time I make one I will do a sew along for now STRETCH, Grab a bottle of water and enjoy the pictorial:


IMG_4228 1

Step 1. Lay out your Fabric.

Mine was 6 yards by 48″.  I wish it was 60″ but I’ll show you a work around.

Note: Try to find Ankara fabric that is 60″ wide.

Note: I attempted to use a youtube video by Nadira037 called Maxi Dress Tutorial, but mine didn’t turn out right so I improvised in the next step. (But give this a try she is amazing)



Step 2: Fold the fabric lengthwise.


IMG_4230 3

Step 3: Fold the fabric over again on itself.



Step 3: Now cut in half.  Yes cut in half , you will have 2 pieces of fabric 3 yards by 48″.

Note: After folding the two pieces (using the circle skirt method) it was supposed to yield two half circles.


IMG_4234 This didn’t happen (see the sad face 😦 )  So here is where I had to improvises.



IMG_42354  Take your time here. Mine was perfect YAY!!!!

Step 4: Pin the two pieces of fabric together. And sew together using you sewing machine or your serger.

Note: Make sure you line up your patterns. The fabric may be not be as approximate but that’s fine. It more important to have the patterns match.

Note: I used pins as this fabric was stable, but you can also use binder clips which are a staple in my sewing projects.


IMG_4236 Here is the wrong side of the fabric. You can see the pattern perfectly lined and serged. 

Note: Basically your are making one wide, very wide EXTREMELY WIDE piece of fabric.

Note: This was definitely a project that you will on the floor cutting and pinning and folding. Stretch First! lol


IMG_42375 Success!!! See the happy face.

Step 5: Now you can fold your new custom-width-fabric using the infamous circle skirt method. 

Note: This way I achieved my desired length. 

Note: Save ALL of your scrap material. This will be used for the waist band and the hem ( I made my own bias tape…that took hours, but the finishes are important to me).  

Allmost Done>>>>>

Note: You will end up with a full circle skirt.

Step 6: Find where you like the back and cut the entire length of the skirt to be able to insert a sipper.

Note: Step 6 not pictured Sorry 

Step 7: Cut out your waist band.

Note: Not pictured, but I made mine the circumference of my waist X 4 inches. I cut two pieces with those measurements

Note: I used Pellon (a fusible heavyweight stabilizer) for stability and then serged the band on all sides.

Note: Then I attached the band to the skirt starting at center front.   I used the sewing machine for this part adding a top stitch.



IMG_4239  8  IMG_4238 ooooh Im getting good with zippers.  yay


Step 8: Add your sipper. I used a regular foot, but I’d suggest a zipper foot.



IMG_4240                  9                IMG_4241 

Step 9: Hem your skirt with what ever method you choose.  I swear by making my own bias tape to hem using a band of fabric. I think my turned out to be 3 inches by several yards.  I stopped counting the length of the hem after the first 2 hours.  lol







Step 10: EnjoyIMG_4222





15 thoughts on “DonNaturaL’s Ankara Maxi Skirt Tutorial…..

    • If I had enough material I would have made a headdress as well. Lol. I’m a beginner too, but I am very detail oriented. I love sewing and making couture-like finishes. At least that’s what I think.


  1. how did u fold ur ankara to give u long circle skirt av bn trying to cut dis but ankara width is 43 and length is 42 pls help me out .


  2. OMG! You are like an angel sent from the heavens! I could not find a tutorial for using short fabric. Thank you!!!!!


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