I think my handmade dress turned out great!!!!!


My go to protective hair style for the work week. Two strand twist set with DonNaturaL’s AllBodyButter and pinned with 1 million bobby-pins.  My 4b hair is thick and pinning it keeps the puffiness at bay. Trust me I’m not complaining I love my thick natural hair.


This dress was one of my favorites to make.  But mark my words every time I sew something without mistakes it becomes my favorite.  You should really try mixing designs that you can sew well with manufactured patterns to create new handmade designs.  The top of this dress was made with View A of V8840 here.  Did you know that the alpha numeric on all patterns have a specific meaning.  The letter is the designer of the pattern (e.g. V=Vogue).  The number is the pattern identifier (e.g. 8840).

The bottom of the dress was the famous circle skirt pattern. There are plenty of youtube videos for circle skirts.

oh I almost forgot I put a 9inch zipper in the back. I think it turned out amazing. Also, I used my go to bias tape to hem.


I got these shoes in Center City Philadelphia. They are IMAGES made in Spain. But I can’t find them anywhere.  I’d love another pair. If anyone knows of the brand please comment.


My office. lol

A dress a handmade for work.

A dress a handmade for work.

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