DonNaturaL Random Sunday

Today I wanted to share the many Random Events I’m experiencing today. I woke up feeling happy that I am alive and have another opportunity to express myself creatively.
I completed the dress above that I started yesterday. This was a rare occasion that I used a non stretch fabric. It wasn’t too bad. I think it turned out great. I’ll be wearing to work on Monday. As a beginner sewer I already have no desire to buy clothes off he rack. What can I say THE LIFE OF DonNaturaL!!!!!
This maroon silky cotton was purchased from #MOOD fabric. “Thank you MOOD”! The bodice was created with #VOGUE 8840. I did make a few alterations: I elongated the back neck band and added a zipper for the first time.

I most admire the combination of using patterns with self drafted alteration. THIS MAKES ME FEEL LIKE A TRUE DESIGNER!!!!!!! I’m still in search of the perfect neck band tutorial. PLEASE HELP. No seriously any help is welcomed. Lol

I’ve been examining, reflecting and conversing with my son about the current events and civil unrest that has recently plagued our community.

At the end of the day I teach my son his history. Also, I teach him how to exercise our motto. “BRING YOURSELF HOME ALIVE”. I wonder what conversations are going on in other homes across the country.

My friend and sister from another mister taught me a delicious Mexican Soup Dish.


It’s so easy to make and it’s topped with fresh cabbage, fresh cilantro, sour cream and crushed tortilla chips. I THINK I MAKE THIS DISH ONCE A MONTH. Lol. Maybe it’s time to learn a new recipe. What’s your favorite kitchen recipe? PLEASE SHARE IN THE COMMENTS.

What are your courses of Random Events happening today?

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