Uses for bias tape

Recently I have been experimenting on different ways to hem a circle skirt. Bias tape has been a winner. See how and let me know if you have any question.
This method was folded over twice.
Pros: Neat, Easy
Cons: stitch is too tight at the standard 2.5
Lesson learned: I would do this again with a one-roll hem or a wider stitch width like 3.0-3.5.

Let me know if you would like to see the previous skirt that I made using this circle skirt hem method with one roll. ( the brown skirt previously posted by me)

This is journey for us all. Let’s sew together. IMG_3541-0.JPG


2 thoughts on “Uses for bias tape

  1. Wow! You look regal in that outfit, like a queen. I love kimono sleeves, too, so comfy and classy.

    FYI: if you do a search in WordPress for “kimono,” you will get lots of great ideas–I’ve already made four!


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